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Fendi's Fabulous Celebration of the Baguette

Fendi's Baguette bag has celebrated 25 years since its first entrance into the fashion world. To mark its title of one of the world's most iconic bags, and its hold on a coveted fashion status, the Italian house's recent fashion show turned into an ode to the Baguette, highlighting the bag's staying power and how it still remains today a star in the fashion world.

Fendi's iconic Baguette bag has turned 25 and to celebrate the huge fashion milestone the Italian house sent out a parade of bags on the runway during New York Fashion Week showing off the bag in all its stylish glory.

The Baguette took centre stage of every look sent down the runway with the bag embellishing everything from gloves to legwarmers, and if we are to embrace legwarmers once again we definitely want ours to be adorned with mini Fendi Baguettes.

To mark the 25th anniversary of the design, Fendi also invited iconic names of the fashion world to inject the Baguette with their own unique signature. Tiffany & Co. dressed the bag in its signature blue, making it one of the most coveted wearable jewels of the jewellery house.

American fashion designer Marc Jacobs also collaborated with the Italian house, creating wonderfully fun looks down the catwalk. Huge and fluffy wide-brimmed hats didn't take away from the baguette though with Jacobs's Baguettes embracing the classic bag and injecting it with his own recognisable style, from oversized fluffy versions of the bag to a nod to his The Tote Bag, his interpretation of the iconic fashion accessory is all Marc meets Fendi.


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