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Fashion Loves Nature

Fashion meets science in icebreaker's Natural Cut collection, bringing fabric waste-reduction to a halt in its pursuit of sustainable fashion.

Fashion label icebreaker has always designed collections with sustainability in mind and now it has gone one step further by teaming up with Dr. Michelle Dickinson for the Natural Cut collection. Made up of three styles, the collection was designed to reduce waste in fashioning the ready-to-wear pieces. The one size fits all range includes a top, vest and dress, all made with merino wool and all designed to avoid cutting them from large rolls of fabric, which is the practice commonly used with fashion and which contributes to fabric waste. Dr. Michelle Dickinson applied the practice of waste-reduction design in engineering to the Natural Cut collection, designing the pieces by thinking about the production process first, using different techniques to reduce waste including seamline placement, construction method and fitting. And the result? Great timeless pieces that are versatile, chic and trans-seasonal, working effortless style into an environmentally-friendly wardrobe.


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