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Fabulous Fendace is Born

Italian fashion houses, Fendi and Versace, have stepped into each other's fashionable shoes to create Fendace, a hybrid collection celebrating the two houses' stylish personalities.

Italy's most iconic fashion houses, Fendi and Versace, have come together to create a never-before-dared collection that sees Donatello Versace and Fendi's artistic director Kim Jones swap roles. Stepping into each other's respective fashion shoes, each designer brought their signature style to the other equally iconic house, and the result? Fendace. A fashion hybrid of nineties coolness that sees chainmail, safety pins and Greek motifs come together for an explosion of the ultimate collaboration. Embracing the signature style of Fendi, Donatella sprinkles punk rock to the Fendi by Versace collection with crystal-encrusted Fs while Kim Jones's Versace by Fendi collection mixes the Fendi monogram with Versace's Greek key motif. The brilliant fashion love child sees the pieces celebrate the two houses with designs that take the personality of each house and amplifying it while complementing the other with elegance and a nod to what makes it fabulous.


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