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Dine Like a Parisian

Forget snails and frog legs, when it comes to dining out Parisians enjoy world food, especially if it comes served in a new restaurant, and they favour good old French comfort food for the days when they embrace their Frenchiness.

Israeli cuisine has been having quite a moment in the culinary capital and the latest table to be seducing Parisians is Neni. The restaurant is designed like a sophisticated dollhouse with soft pinks creating a warm and fun setting to enjoy the sharing plates filled with hummus, falafel, caramelised eggplant, and shawarma.

Any true Parisian will tell you that the best night to go out to dinner on the weekend is actually on Thursday night. And where do they go for a great night out with delicious food and a fun ambiance? Coya. The Peruvian cuisine gets you through the door and the drinks at the Pisco Bar and its resident DJs spinning will keep you till late.

The art of enjoying proper coffee is relatively new to the French capital, with more and more international baristas introducing locals to what makes a good cup. One of the most popular spots to enjoy good coffee is at Café Kitsuné and now you can enjoy your flat white with a creamy pastry, including the Paris Sésame, from pastry chef Johanna Roques.

If you want to lunch on French fare the way Parisians do then make a beeline for Brasserie Bellanger. The traditional brasserie is where you can enjoy a Croque-Monsieur with truffled ham and served with a simple salad and golden French fries. And of course no lunch in Paris is complete without wine so make sure you ask your waiter for the day's suggestion as you sit outside on the terrasse and enjoy the side of people watching.

For authentic Chinese cuisine locals are turning to the recently opened Bleu Bao restaurant. The eatery specialises in dim sum and bao buns stuffed with yummy fillings, pork, beef and juicy mushrooms. This is the perfect address for an Asian sharing plate dinner amongst friends, all washed down with the popular bubble tea.

Parisians, like all Frenchies, are big believers in quality over quantity, and their appreciation for the right seasoning and sauce is why Datsha Underground has become a fan favourite. The menu here is contemporary and includes dishes such as beef and mussels drizzled in a laksa sauce, and artichokes served with Mimolette cheese, creating a dance party for your taste buds.


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