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Designer Denim

Atelier R&C is changing up how we wear denim, one printed scarf at a time.

French brand Atelier R&C is adding designer magic to its upcycled denim jackets by designing bespoke pieces using pre-loved jackets. While denim jackets are a wardrobe staple for everyone, these jackets are a must, not only because they are personalised to each client but because they are also draped in luxury silk scarves from high-end brands including Dior, Chanel and Hermès. Offering a catalogue of different denim jackets, from cut, colour and size, Atelier R&C offers fashion-loving clients the possibility of creating their own signature jacket by adding their own spin on it. Clients are invited to choose the jacket style they want, then select one of the array of scarves available, before detailing how they want to bring the jacket to life, covering the entire back with the scarf for example or just lining the collar and cuffs with it, the possibilities are as limited as your desire. The jackets are all made in Paris, in the brand's atelier, and can also be monogrammed to further personalise the fashionable piece. The jackets take under two weeks to be crafted and can be delivered anywhere in the world.


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