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Deadly Ponies Proves a Bag Can Make or Break an Outfit

Sustainable label Deadly Ponies specialises in handcrafted handbags, creating pieces that complement every look and style. We sat down with Liam Bowden, creative director and co-founder of the label, to talk it bags, inspiration and what accessories we all need now.

How did the name Deadly Ponies come about?

When I was studying design, I made a pair of goat fur slippers and as a joke passed them off as pony fur. They were nicknamed my ‘Deadly Pony’ slippers. When a class project had us creating a fictional gang, I created stickers that I'd plaster around campus - and the name was borne. When the time came to sell my designs, I reverted to the Deadly Ponies stickers, and the name took on a life of its own.

Can you tell our readers about the new collection Fun Guy?

The world of fungi inspired our fall collection, hence the play on words with "fun guy". I’ve always been interested in the impact of mushrooms, now and through history, and also how they’re created. So following this inspiration, we weaved in earthy tones and explored naturalistic textures, like our Suede & Pleat.

How are you inspired for every collection?

I keep an ongoing moodboard made up of things I find interesting and inspiring. When searching for inspiration, I look to this scrapbook. I can find inspiration in something as random as mushrooms, but more often than not, the inspiration will be very multi-dimensional, as our products can be felt and touched.

What makes an it bag?

For me, there are two different types of “it” bags. Firstly, the it bag that is made through the marketing machine. It is strategically pushed out to the world through impactful campaigns, and who is seen wearing it. Then there is the organic "it" bag. This piece is usually very left-field, creative, and looks quite different from other products out there. Everyone is drawn to it in some way or another, so there is an organic, collective movement towards the bag.

What are the 5 accessories every lady needs?

1. A versatile handbag that you can wear casually or dress up.

2. A card file/wallet.

3. A pair of black sunglasses.

4. A pair of classic heels, they’ll elevate any outfit.

5. A minimalistic leather belt.

With flats clearly still a real staple in our wardrobe, what advice do you have to elevate a look in flats?

Make simple changes by choosing a flat that works for you but has a little something additional to it, either through a shine/gloss or texture. For example, we’ve released a sleek Milk Patent Ballet Flat, Balmernio, which is still very neutral but instantly elevates a look.

Which Deadly Ponies bag can easily go from work week to weekend?

Our new iteration of the beloved Mr Siamese. This is an evolution of a past style, handcrafted from one piece of leather, wrapped and folded to create a streamlined shape. Mr Siamese has multiple ways of wearing, perfect for any occasion. You can wear Mr Siamese crossbody with an adjustable/detachable strap for your work week, and then transform him for your weekend into a clutch, or on the shoulder with the new detachable brass chain.

With the fashion world at times being very fickle, how do you try to maintain loyalty with clients?

For us, it’s about creating products that meet their needs and maintain a high standard of quality. We know customers will shop around, however, the things that will keep them coming back to us are constantly creating pieces that will last, using genuine, sustainable materials, and building a brand that they love.

Which other design or fashion house would you like to collaborate with?

On a global scale, it would be Gentle Monster. It would be amazing to work with such a large-scale company and collaborate on a creative, directional product.


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