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Cucinelli Cashmere

Chic never dates and now you can delve into cashmere history with Brunello Cucinelli's new Neverending Stories collection.

Soft cashmere is the hallmark of Italian fashion house Brunello Cucinelli, with the luxurious fabric weaving its way into the house's history. Brunello Cucinelli's first collection, released in 1978, introduced the soft fibre in gorgeous knitwear, representing timelessness in classic pieces. Today, the house continues working with cashmere, fashioning chic and delicate knitwear made to be taken care of while offering timeless style. To celebrate the house's classic designs, Brunello Cucinelli has created the Neverending Stories collection, grouping together and highlighting the iconic creations from past collections, bringing its fashion history into its cosy future with archive designs that have proven their timelessness.


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