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Craving Better Days?

We're bringing CBD into our body care routine and in our kitchens to help us relax, reduce stress and sleep better.

Working to relieve chronic pain, reduce stress and help with anxiety the L'Huile collection of CBD-infused oils is fast-becoming our BFF. Using CBD extracted from Sativa cultivated in Switzerland, the L'Huile collection of CBD products are all organic and include a body balm, massage oil and an extract, which when used under the tongue promises to soothe and promote better sleep. The collection also includes a novel product, the extra virgin olive oil infused with CBD. With similar effects to the extract, the olive oil can be added to hot recipes, drizzled on bread or used to season salads, giving eating green a whole new meaning. With anxiety and stress factors affecting many of us, a drop of CBD in your salad for lunch can slowly help you feel better in more ways than one.


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