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Connection at The Lume Melbourne is a Celebration of First Peoples Art

The Lume Melbourne takes you on an immersive journey into the art world of First Peoples, delving you into a land of tradition and respect with the show Connection.

The Lume Melbourne's latest immersive exhibition, Connection, will sweep you in the art world of First Peoples, drawing you into their culture and inspirations. Through a wonderful tapestry of art being reflected all around you, the exhibition highlights the colourful and touching creations by First Nation artists, reflecting their land in their art, from the sky to the water, and of course the land itself. The immersive art is projected all around the exhibition space and takes you on an artistic journey of history and creativity. Walk through and into the art and be swept into a stunning world of tradition and culture as warm music washes over you for a truly immersive experience. The exhibition is running until February 4 with The Lume Melbourne putting together a special Connection Closing Celebrations program to mark this incredible show and includes guided tours, a live performance by Alice Skye, and The Final Feast with Mark Olive, a unique three-course dinner prepared by the chef who shares a strong connection to his Bundjalung heritage. The Final Feast invites you to dine on a menu full of flavour and heritage while taking in the illuminating artwork swirling all around you.


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