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Colour Us Beautiful

From our nails to our eyes, we are reaching for summer hues to colour us beautiful.

We're painting our nails in the colours of the rainbow with the help of O.P.I's Power of Hue range of polishes. The new range includes 12 limited edition colours including Feel Bluetiful, a shimmery turquoise polish, and Mango For It, a delicious orange hue.

Creating a dramatic eye is easy with KVD Beauty's Tattoo Pencil Liner. The waterproof gel eyeliner easily glides on to help with striking graphic make-up looks à la Paris Jackson, the brand's new muse, and with 10 high-pigment shades to choose from, including black and cobalt blue, it is easy to have fun with it and to help highlight every eye colour.

Chanel makes sure we are beautifully sunkissed with its new Les Beiges Maxi Poudre Belle Mine Ensoleillée. The pearly powder covers the face and neckline with a smooth sunny sheer, turning dull skin into a summer dream with shades including Sunshine Light and Sunbath Deep.


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