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Chateau, Cognac and Cocktails

The Château Royal de Cognac welcomes guests to sip on cocktails at a pop-up bar in a French château.

A French château, cognac and an immersion in history are the ingredients mixed in all together to serve up Le Lys, a pop-up cocktail bar in Cognac, France. In the courtyard of the Château Royal de Cognac, the historical monument where the Baron Otard cognacs are made, the ephemeral bar is set up, offering a first row seat from where guests can take in and admire the architecture of the château, transporting them back to the 10th century when the castle was first built as a fort. Encircled by such grand surroundings only the finest will do and the bar's menu lives up to the high standards of fine French living, serving cognac-based cocktails and a selection of caviar, creating an exquisite pairing for cocktail hour. The bar is open until the end of September from Tuesday to Saturday, 5pm to 9pm.


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