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Chanel's Fun Factory

Chanel is celebrating the 100th birthday of its iconic Nº5 perfume with a limited edition trompe l'oeil collection and an international pop-up factory.

It is hard to believe that Chanel's iconic Nº5 perfume is only 100 years old. The scent that seems to have always been around and is a reflection of the fashion world, has become a fabric of both the luxury and the beauty worlds. To mark this scented milestone, the French house has released Chanel Factory 5, a limited edition collection of body products scented with the notes of the cult perfume.

Made up of 17 products, the Chanel Factory 5 collection is designed to add glamour to everyday objects, a running theme in the house's DNA to transform the ordinary into extraordinary items. Much like Karl Lagerfeld's fashion accessories that were inspired by everyday items and taken to the runway, transforming staple items into luxurious pieces, turning milk cartons into coveted bags, the Chanel Factory 5 collection has turned to everyday items to package one of the world's most luxurious body product lines.

The shower gel is in a trompe l'oeil paint tin, the sparkling shower gel in a spray can, the body oil comes in an engine oil tin, and the soap is packaged in a metal shoe polish tin, though while the packaging may be "basic" the white dressing and the recognisable logo and font give the game away, making for quite the collectable collection that will turn your basic glam room into its literal meaning.

A Chanel Factory 5 pop-up space is also popping up around different cities to showcase a behind the scenes look into the making of the collection, inviting the public to take a look at how the items are made in a fun and colourful factory setting. In Paris, the Chanel Factory 5 pop-up will be open to the public until the 5th of July in the Marais, at 17 rue Commines in the 3rd arrondissement.


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