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Captured Glamour in Cannes

The glitz and glamour of the Cannes Film Festival from 1950 to 2000 is being showcased at the Studio Willy Rizzo in Paris for a look into the iconic annual event through the lens of the famous photographer.

Italian photographer Willy Rizzo was known for his fashion photography and his photographs of world-famous personalities, many of whom attended the Cannes Film Festival over the years. Coinciding with this year's festival, Studio Willy Rizzo is unveiling Cannes, Le Festival Glamour, on the 6th of July. The photo exhibition, which will show through to the 30th of September, brings together over 20 photographs, in colour and black and white, of famous faces as well as the famed Croisette, captured in the French city during the world's most celebrated film festival. The glamour and the excitement can be seen and felt through the nostalgic images of French actress Martine Carol, Alfred Hitchcock, and Elizabeth Taylor captured on the beach surrounded by photographers and fans, taking you on a glamorous trip back in time.


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