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Campari Cocktails

A private mansion, signature cocktails, and summer days and nights have been mixed together by Campari for the ideal al fresco brunch and cocktail hour date in Paris.

Hôtel Le Marois, the once private mansion owned by Count Le Marois in the heart of Paris, is now the hottest venue to order the coolest Campari Spritz in the French capital this summer. Through to the 31st of July Campari is taking over the plush mansion's front patio for the La Terrasse Le Marois by Campari, a pop-up cocktail bar serving 10 different signature cocktails to celebrate the summer season. Lit up with fairy lights, the al fresco cocktail bar is a delightful spot for drinks with a stunning ambiance to enjoy sweet summer nights with gorgeous surroundings transporting you to a plush country club without leaving the city. With a private club vibe, the bar is open from 12.30pm and serves a snacking-style menu so you can get your drink on as early as you want on the weekend, making this pop-up by Campari our favourite brunch date this summer.


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