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Bejewelled Ethics

New jewellery brand Loyal.e embraces glamorous designs and sustainability, bringing ethical designs to your jewellery box.

Inspired by beautiful jewellery and sustainability, Loyal.e was born. Founded by young jewellery designer Maïssa Zard, the jewellery brand creates classic pieces with a twist, incorporating glamour and ethical practices. Made with recycled 18k gold and lab grown diamonds, the brand embraces individuality and invites clients to design their own jewellery with the help of Maïssa, creating unique pieces that hold personal and special meanings. Handmade in Paris, the brand's ready-to-wear collections are a reflection of the past as well as the future with pieces designed with a nod to classics and a look into modernity as seen with Loyal.e's Toi et Moi rings. Expanding beyond having just two stones define the Toi et Moi ring, the rings feature two stones linked by an extended design, reflecting more than just a couple but the couple's journey and path.


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