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Bed and Breakfast at the Movies

Paris welcomes the world's first cinema hotel where movies are celebrated from the ground floor to the rooftop.

Movie lovers rejoice as the world's first cinema hotel has swung its doors open in Paris, welcoming you into its world of film and luxury. Hotel Paradiso is a boutique hotel in the City of Light's 12th arrondissement where the creation of the perfect atmosphere for enjoying a movie is the hotel's number one preoccupation, especially in bed. From the rooms to the rooftop the hotel is peppered with large projection screens where guests can escape and watch the latest movies as well as great classics. Snaking through the hotel's corridors is an impressive library of movies to choose from to watch in the comfort of your own suite snuggled up in bed, while the rooftop offers a fantastic view of the French capital's iconic grey roofs and an outdoor cinema. The perfect accommodation for a movie night is made complete with the hotel's in-room dining service that offers tapas-style dishes and of course popcorn.


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