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Artisanal Baked Goods at Bistro Morgan Have Us Looking Forward To Our Coffee Break

Brioche donuts, cinnamon scrolls and cookies at the new Bistro Morgan bakery in Melbourne are what dessert dreams are made of and we can't stay away.

Bistro Morgan has opened up a new bakery in Melbourne, bringing its delicious treats to Fitzroy. If you love nothing more than gourmet variations of the humble donut and cookie then you are in for a treat, quite literally. If Willy Wonka made baked goods instead of chocolate then his factory would be churning out the colourful delights you will find here. The artisanal creations are baked daily and include Cookie Monster and Bruno Mars, think a loaded cookie in a donut with pillowy brioche dough filled with gooey cream and pieces of chocolate. The bakery also makes soft buttery cookies that crumble in the mouth and burst on the tongue with creamy chocolate chips, and if you love the sweet spice of a cinnamon scroll, the ones found here aren't your average scrolls, at Bistro Morgan they are rolled brioche buns drizzled with vanilla glaze, making for a mouthwatering coffee and cake break.


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