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Art is a Lady

French fashion house Dior has recreated its iconic Lady Dior bag courtesy of 10 international artists.

Merging fashion and art, the fifth edition of Dior Lady Art presents a wonderful rainbow offering of Dior's iconic Lady Dior bag dressed in colour, texture and inspiration springing from the minds of ten international artists and collectives. Each artist and collective has given a new look to one of the world's most iconic it bags, famously held by Princess Diana. A sea of multi-coloured sequins and beads covers the bag for a bejewelled effect for Olga Titus's interpretation of the bag while Judy Chicago's design is a hypnotising iridescent metallic swirl creation. The limited edition collaboration is an exceptional showmanship of the natural marriage of French savour-faire in fashion and the art world, creating wearable works of art.


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