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Art in Light

The Atelier des Lumières in Paris will make your eyes dance with its latest art installion, Chagall, Paris - New York.

Drown your imagination in art and Chagall's abstract style of modern art, a combination of cubism, fauvism and surrealism in Atelier des Lumières's latest immersive art installation. The magical exhibition lets you walk through, quite literally, the artist's masterpieces as they are projected over, under and around you. Chagall, Paris - New York brings together the artist's works painted in the two cities and projects them in spectacular light, offering visitors a closeness to the art to take in the details of every brushstroke. The show also puts on display the works of Chagall's contemporary, Paul Klee, the Swiss-German artist who played an important role in the development of Modernism, and who was greatly influenced by music, visually interpreting musical rhythm in his works. If you're looking for a colourful moment while spending time in Paris then this is an experience not to miss, you don't have to be an art buff to admire the larger-than-life art as it whirls and twirls all around you, the colour and light will have you mesmerised.


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