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Architectural Jewels

Admire how Flav draws inspiration from architecture from around the world to create precious jewellery that celebrates historical landmarks.

Inspired by architecture and geometric shapes, the jewellery collection by Flav taps into the ancient world for a modern wearer. Hong Kong, Paris and Luxor are celebrated by the jewellery house through precious pieces that draw from the history of each destination. Montmartre in Paris is represented by a ring that portrays the famous neighbourhood, creating a wave in the ring complete with a peak, symbolising the hilltop village that overlooks the rest of the French capital. Egypt, a great influence in the house's designs, is symbolised by captivating creations including the Ramses II ring, which interprets the Luxor obelisks with a white gold ring featuring two princess cut diamonds. The house also offers a bespoke service, to create custom and unique jewellery pieces, letting you wear a memory of a city around your finger.


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