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Aperitivo Weekends at Vinny’s

Vinny's, Melbourne's new summer pop-up, is hosting Aperitivo Weekends, treating us to Italy's lively aperitivo evenings in Albert Park.

Summer is coming to Melbourne and with it comes a new pop-up. The Vincent Hotel, Albert Park's iconic heritage hotel, is bringing the dolce vita to Melbourne with its summertime pop-up, Vinny's. Every Saturday and Sunday you can enjoy Vinny's Aperitivo Weekends with Italian cocktails with a twist and live music in the courtyard on the menu. Try the Limoncello Collins or the Mediterranean Spritz, or perhaps a glass of vino, and if you're feeling peckish Vinny's will be putting on quite the spread with antipasti platters to share including marinated sardines with orange, saffron and peppers, and cucumbers with creamy stracciatella and dill. The pop-up menu also includes heartier dishes for bigger appetites and include spaghetti cacio e pepe, grilled prawns and confit salmon.


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