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An Aussie Bucket List

Travel restrictions changed how the world holidayed with Australians creating a backyard bucket list, filled with destinations they want to see in their very own country. And now with international borders reopening to welcome back travellers, international visitors can dip into the backyard bucket list dreamt up by Aussies for more inspiration on what to see and experience.

According to data analysed by GoSee, Australia's backyard is home to 100 hidden gems that are just waiting to be discovered by Aussies as well as international travellers that are both breathtaking and awe-inspiring. In Victoria the number one attraction to see is the Gippsland Lakes, a stunning network of lakes, marshes and lagoons that cover over 600 square kilometres. Separated from the ocean by coastal dunes known as Ninety Mile Beach, the Lakes are home to beautiful bird and marine life.

Australia's Christmas Island is mostly covered by a national park, making the island a hot destination for hiking to discover the wilderness. The island is also a wonderful place for diving and snorkelling to admire the coral reefs in some of the clearest water in the world, though one of the main attractions on the island is the annual crab migration. The natural wonder sees 60 million red land crabs cross the island to make their way from the forests to the coast.

Coming in high on the backyard bucket list of things to see in New South Wales is Mungo National Park where you will truly be in the outback. The protected national park is rich in Aboriginal history with hikes and bike rides taking you through the World Heritage Site and its ancient landscapes. Offering scenic desert views is the Mungo lookout from where you can spot the famous and historic Walls of China formation.

And of course topping the list at number one is Australia's most beautiful hidden gem, Lake Hillier. Located on Middle Island off the south coast of Western Australia, the saline lake is only 600 metres in length and 250 metres in width but the small lake isn't distinguished by its size but by its magnificent pink colour.


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