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An A-List Spa Treatment in Cannes

A facial at La Prairie is a boujee moment we're treating ourselves to while living it up like Hollywood stars in Cannes.

La Prairie is taking over Parfumerie Truphème in Cannes and if you are looking to spoil yourself and get the A-list treatment while in the South of France then this is the one spa appointment you need to make. The Swiss skincare label, known for its caviar creams, is what boujee moments are made of, with luxury literally covering your skin. The pop-up spa is where you can treat your skin to a Platinum Rare Haute-Rejuvenation, a 90-minute facial that promises firmer skin and a glow that radiates with youth, while the Regard Précieux is a 30-minute eye treatment that will leave the delicate skin around your eyes smoother and with a natural lift. The spa also offers complimentary head, hand or neck massages while each mask is working its magic, creating the ultimate moment of relaxation, but with treatments starting at 130 euros this will not be a weekly treat.


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