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A Virtual Marathon

Take part in the Tel Aviv Samsung Marathon 2021 without leaving your home city.

Lockdown, quarantine and limited time to exercise outside dominated most people's lifestyle over the last 12 months, so the idea of partaking in a marathon hasn't been feasible to say the least. Enter the Tel Aviv Samsung Marathon 2021, a wonderful initiative to get runners from all over the world to run a marathon together. The digital format allows anyone from anywhere in the world to follow a local course designed specifically for them via a dedicated app. Participants can choose to take part in a full marathon, a half-marathon, a 10-kilometre run or a 5-kilometre run starting on the 19th of February. Leading up to the marathon runners will be sent a link to download the app, which will feature a start line ceremony, playlists and issue a personalised certificate once the marathon is completed. Participants will also receive a race kit that includes a bag, official marathon t-shirt, a personal runner number and a medal. And to get people excited about next year's live event, runners are invited to send a video or a photo of themselves wearing the marathon t-shirt as they run through their city for their chance to win flights and entry to 2022's marathon.


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