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A Taste of Geelong

Cocktail hour gets the Aussie touch with the Australian Distilling Co.'s range of city gins, inspired by the country's popular cities.

Borders may still be closed in Australia but that doesn't mean you cannot get a taste of Victoria's port city, Geelong, in a cool cocktail. Captured and bottled by the Australian Distilling Co. the Geelong Gin is part of the house's range of city gins, and is flavoured with notes of raspberry, peppermint gum and black pepper. Mixed with lemon juice, raspberry coulis and egg white, turn the award-winning gin into the Geelong Gin Bellarine Sour. You can continue your tour of Australian cities for cocktail hour and take your taste buds to Bondi, the Gold Coast and Melbourne, with each gin swirled with notes that bring out each city's character in fine form.


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