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A Sober Wine Tasting With Non

Non opens its cellar door in Melbourne to reveal the secrets of its non-alcoholic wines and invites you on a guided tour and wine tasting.

Non, the Australian non-alcoholic wine that is changing the way we enjoy sober wine time, has launched NONHQ Tour, a guided tour and wine tasting in its cellars in Melbourne. Walking you through the process of producing the vegan and halal non-alcoholic wines, Non opens its cellar door to welcome you into an unpretentious space where flavour and fun come together, giving you a behind-the-scenes look at the intricate details that go into making the wine alternative. An introduction to the different ingredients used is the first step in the guided tour, inviting your senses to see, smell and taste the different notes used in each of the wines before you are greeted and welcomed into the Tasting Room. It is here where you are guided through a tasting of Non's 7 wines ranging from rosé-style to sparkling options, each paired with a different canapé to give you a taste of how Non has created a platter of different drops to enjoy with every meal and cuisine. The tours are organised on the first Friday of every month and will leave you with an appreciation of the craftsmanship behind the wines, and the best part is you get to drive home completely sober.


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