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A Smile Worth Every Byte

Take a bite out of Byte's new teeth straightening kits and wake up to new, straighter teeth worthy of a Hollywood star.

Get a Hollywood star smile like brand ambassador Kerry Washington from the comfort of your own home with Byte's at-home teeth straightening kits. The cost-effective aligners let you straighten your teeth at home without the hassle of dentist appointments, which no-one really is a fan of attending. If you have mild to moderate misaligned teeth, the process starts with an Impression Kit to capture a mould of your teeth and through the online platform the mould is scanned to design a custom treatment plan, which is of course reviewed by a registered dentist. Once reviewed your invisible aligners are sent out to you, with new sets used every week as your teeth respond to the treatment and move to align. The progress of your teeth is tracked through the My Byte app, and after 4 to 6 months you can say hello to your new, straightened teeth. Smile!


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