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A Sleeping Celebration

World Sleep Day, the 18th of March, falls on a Friday this year so if you are looking for an excuse to stay in bed all day for a long weekend then there is no better reason than when the world celebrates the great sleep-in. To help you settle into your snooze fest, we have put together a guide of what you need to make sure your beauty sleep is as indulgent as possible.

Just because you may not be seeing anyone while spending your day in bed does not mean your style should be compromised, and that is why we love these pyjamas from Sandro. The upcycled sleepwear collection is fashioned using old stock of silk and cotton, creating chic pyjamas that will help you sleep more comfortably knowing that you look good and are being environmentally-conscious by slipping into sustainable fashion.

Calm your mind and get it ready for some well-deserved sweet dreams with The Dreamer herbal tisane from T2. The herbal blend of lemon verbena, valerian and rose will clear your head of all worries to make sure that when your head rests on your pillow it is only filled with wonderful dreams.

Before hopping into bed draw yourself a bath and add a few drops of Kneipp's Good Night Bath Oil. Made with essential oils including stone pine and amyris, the bath oil is calming and relaxing, helping you wind down before enjoying a restful night.

We love anything French-made and that includes sleepwear, so what better label to turn to for chic bedwear than Arthur. The specialists in pyjamas have a whole range of separates that you can mix and match to your liking to create your "look of the night" for bedtime.

Make slipping into bed a luxurious moment of the day and cover your bed and pillows with oh so fancy satin quilt and pillow covers from Hästens. The satin bed linen will lift you to cloud nine for a dreamy night sleep.

Shield your eyes from any unwelcome light with a silky sleep mask from Slipsilk. The mask will not only cover your eyes but will do so in beautiful form.

While enjoying sweet dreams spoil your lips to a sweet treatment with the Lip Sleeping Mask from Laneige. The caramel-scented mask works overnight to give you smooth and soft lips, and ready for whispering sweet nothings.

Make sure you get the most of your beauty sleep and cover your face with the Green Tea Mask from Aceology to wake up to a more radiant complexion. The green tea gel mask also promises to de-puff the skin so it is win-win, you get to sleep in and wake up to better-looking skin.


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