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A Movie Night at the Plaza

The Plaza Cinema Club is back for another year at the very plush Plaza Athénée Hotel in Paris and it is our luxe rendezvous for a unique evening in the City of Light.

The Plaza Athénée is setting the scene for the perfect date night in the City of Love. The plush hotel is turning its dreamy courtyard, Cour Jardin du Plaza Athénée, into the Plaza Cinema Club. Under the starry skies of Paris the very fancy pop-up outdoor cinema is where you can watch classics including Return to the Future and Dr. No. This isn't your regular movie night though with celebrated chef Jean Imbert putting together a unique menu every evening to marry beautifully to the movie being screened for you to enjoy with French champagne of course. The Plaza Cinema Club will be setting up from the 26th to the 30th of June and is the perfect way to spend an evening in Paris, especially if you love movies, and if your budget allows for the pricey tickets.


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