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A Merry Christmas Table

Christmas is all about shared moments with family and friends around the dinner table for Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas Day lunch. To make your table as special as the gatherings, we have put together a list of accessories that will turn your lunch or dinner into a spectacular event.

Serve your traditional lunch or dinner on Degrenne's new Supernature collection of plates. The plates are snowflake white with textured detailing, adding a rustic design to your holiday table.

Toast the holidays with beautiful glasses from Maisons du Monde's Bohême collection of tableware, or if you are feeling more glam, use the ornate glasses to impress your guests and serve dessert in them, ice-cream, chocolate mousse or even a trifle will sit beautifully in the glasses and on the table.

Create a stylish ambiance and add candelabras from Diptyque as your centre piece. The contemporary design will transform your table from drab to fab.

Add the scent of Christmas to your dinner with notes of pine and cocoa with Trudon's Bayonne Christmas edition scented candle.

And for after dinner? A degistif, perhaps whiskey served from this elegant printed glass caraf from Primark.


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