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A Guide to a Valentine’s Day Night-In

Valentine's Day doesn't have to mean a big date night filled with chocolate and flowers, it could also mean a night-in for an evening of selfcare or a fun night with your bestie. Setting you up for your V-Day night-in is our guide to toast your day, your way.

Toast your evening with Cointreau and mix a Margarita or two, or go old-school and mix a classic Cosmo.

Make your cocktail fancy and pop in a sphere ice cube with Designstuff's Sphere Riplet Ice Cube Tray to make round ice cubes to chill your mixology creations.

Dress up by dressing down at home and pop on boxer shorts and a tank top from Bonds and get comfy for your night in of some well-deserved me-time.

Lush's Valentine's Day collection is the perfect treat for yourself this year with limited edition scents that will seduce your senses. Try the Passion shower gel, a delightful sweet and floral scent that will lather you in yummy passion fruit juice and rose petals., or drop the Love Letter Bath Bomb in your bathtub for a blissful moment filled with cocoa butter and coconut milk.

If selfcare to you means prepping for a good night sleep then Epzen's Calm Soak may fast become your snooze bestie. Made with 100% natural magnesium flakes and natural essential oils including lavender and sandalwood, this bath soak promises to relax you and leave you in a serene state, readying you for your beast beauty sleep.


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