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A Drop of Chanel

Chanel’s new limited edition perfume is a contemporary version of the label's iconic N°5 and it comes in a new glass bottle to match the fresher scent.

Chanel’s N°5 is one of the most iconic perfumes ever created and now the French house has created a new drop to scent our world. For the first time Chanel has left behind its famous bottle, designing a new limited edition bottle that is inspired by a drop of perfume, with the glass bottle enveloping purity. The bottle isn’t the only thing redesigned, with the perfume getting a makeover, revealing N°5 L’EAU, a fruity bouquet of lemon, mandarin and orange with rose and jasmine adding floral notes to the citrus fruits, and with notes of cedar, the new scent reveals a woody and citrus signature, the freshest and most contemporary version of N°5.


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