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A Bubbly Holiday

We're getting into the silly season with a couple of glasses of bubbly. Cheers to you and the holidays with one of these fine bottles.

Set the mood in your home with a cool neon bar sign from Primark with which you can decorate your bar cart to light up the evening before popping open one of these bottle...

French champagne is what defines fine bubbles and Ruinart, the oldest Champagne house, serves effervescent bubbles in a voluptuous bottle filled with notes of ripe citrus fruits and white flowers.

Jaillance's new sparkling wine, Clairette de Die is filled with notes of exotic fruit, pairing beautifully with sweet fruit tarts and sorbets. A certified organic bottle of bubbly, it is made with muscat blanc à petits grains and clairette blanche grape varieties.

For an Italian burst of bubbles, Perlino's new rosé prosecco is an extra dry sparkling wine with its bouquet of berry notes dancing in your mouth. The Italian pink jewel can be enjoyed chilled or mixed into a cocktail this holiday season.

For more French bubbles, pop open a bottle of Canard-Duchêne's Vintage 2012 with notes of grapefruit and raspberry. The fruity champagne with extra fine bubbles comes in a gift set with 5 French cheeses, expertly chosen and paired by gourmet Androuet fromagerie, setting out a wonderful tasting of the best of France for your gourmet taste buds.


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