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A Bejewelled Collaboration

The Atelier Paulin x Shaker Jewels collection spells out summer holidays with its handmade jewellery.

Atelier Paulin, known for its craft of weaving precious metals into personalised messages, has teamed up with fellow jewellery brand, Shaker Jewels, to bring us the Atelier Paulin x Shaker Jewels capsule collection. Made up of 10 pieces, the collection dazzlingly combines the savoir-faire of the two French jewellery houses, Shaker Jewels's love of working with natural stones and Atelier Paulin's cute messages. The result, a colourful choice of necklaces and earrings that spell out summer fun. Handmade in Paris, each piece will seduce you to match your vibe to your jewellery. Wrap your love around you with the Amour necklace if you are enjoying a summer romance, wear your luck with the Lucky earrings or maybe send a joyful message with the Happy earrings.


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