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A 5-Step Guide to Beauty Sleep

Following our 5-step guide to a perfect night's sleep will have you on cloud nine and getting the best beauty sleep you have only recently dreamed of.

Beauty sleep begins with slipping into something comfortable that will caress you and feel like a lullaby that you wear, and we love Arthur's cotton sateen dove-covered Poésie Sauvage collection. The collection includes pyjamas and a robe, which bring chic to the sheets.

While sleeping your skin works on recovering from the day and to give it a helping hand that will have you looking refreshed in the morning you should reach for the Grown Alchemist's Good Night Skincare Kit. The kit includes a cleanser, a cream cleanser, age-repair eye cream and night cream, which help you give your skin a good clean, removing all make-up, before applying the eye and night creams to nourish your skin while it rests.

Jeuneora has created a yummy hot chocolate to make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside, holding our hand to a good night's sleep. The Beauty Sleep Adaptogenic Super Powder, made with adaptogenic mushrooms, pistachio extract and cocoa, is the perfect elixir to sip on before going to bed if you are stressed and have trouble sleeping. The plant-based hot chocolate-flavoured drink will calm and relax you, leading you to fall asleep naturally thanks to its mix of adaptogenic mushrooms, which reduce the effects of stress on the body.

Infused with hyaluronic acid, Lunalux is our top choice pillowcase. The silk pillowcase not only feels luxurious but it also helps avoid sleep wrinkles and hair breakage, so while you get your beauty sleep your humble pillow will be working overtime to make sure you do not age overnight, all while sleeping.

The perfect rendezvous for beauty sleep is an inviting bed and nothing is more inviting than gorgeous bedspreads. Our recent discovery of Linenz is having us dreaming of spending all day in bed with their collections of soft satin sheets and pillowcases, chic and simple, the Linenz sets are what beauty sleep-ins are made of.


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