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6 Stylish Accessories for the Week

Looking to add new accessories to your week's outfits? We have you covered with everything from jewellery to earphones with our stylish six accessories.

The Lisbon wireless earbuds from Urbanista are working overtime to keep our ears entertained with an impressive 9 hours of playtime, and we're choosing the mint green pair for a refreshing plug to our colour palette.

For a bad hair day we're sporting a cool cap from Faguo to cover our tresses from judging eyes.

Staying on time is made effortlessly chic with Lip's Mach 2000 Mini watch with a perforated sweet powder pink leather strap.

Intertwined hearts from Atelier Paulin's More Love collection have won over our hearts for a little extra amour in our accessorising.

Jagged edges are adding rock chic style to our ring stacking thanks to this Capture Light ring from Akillis. Available in white, yellow or rose gold, the ring can be worn on its own or part of a stunning stack.

We're standing out in the selfie game with the Polaroid Now+. The revamped analog instant camera features 5 new lens filters and a tripod mode found in the Polaroid mobile app so we can still capture great moments retro-style.


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