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6 Hair Products That Will Turn Heads

Treat your locks to happy haircare with our 6 must-have products that will have your hair looking glorious.

Hairification’s Pure Health Shampoo is what you need for gentle cleansing and reversing hair damage. The shampoo is made with hyaluronic acid, injecting the hair with moisture while treating brittle hair to leave your hair looking shinier and healthier.

If you use hair products while styling, sometimes simple shampoo isn’t enough to rid your scalp of product build-up, enter MONAT’s Scalp Purifying Scrub. The scrub exfoliates and cleanses the scalp while moisturising it, making sure it is clean but not stripped.

If you suffer from dry or frizzy hair make sure you show it some TLC once a week with Garnier’s Smoothing Macadamia Hair Food, which boasts vitamins E and C to nourish the hair with much needed moisture.

Revlon’s UniqOne hair treatment is your secret weapon to achieving 10 benefits with the leave-in treatment detangling your hair, controls frizz and works as a heat protector, making sure your hair is veiled in a protection coat while styling it.

Blondies rejoice, Fudge Professional makes sure your blonde locks remain brassy and yellow tone-free with its Clean Blonde shampoo and conditioner.

The finishing touch to any hairstyle is a spritz of Versace’s Dylan Turquoise hair mist, adding glam to your hair with notes of lemon and jasmine.


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