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6 Beauty Products You Need This Week

Update your glam bag with these 6 new beauty products that will halve your glam time thanks to some beautiful hybrid products.

Your lips will look plump and delicious with the new Lip Oil from Les Filles En Rouje. The vegan oil will not only hydrate your lips but will also leave them looking wonderfully glossy.

We love a hybrid beauty product and this week we're obsessed with Bourjois's new Healthy Mix Serum. The serum foundation will cover any imperfections while also working to promote collagen production and reduce fine line and wrinkles thanks to its formula of cranberry extract, a natural peptide.

Huda Beauty's new GloWish Micro Mini Eyeshadow Palettes are your new must-have eye make-up updates, giving you new colours to play around with and to create gorgeous glam looks to suit your every mood. The vegan eyeshadows are creamy and richly pigmented, letting you build your glam and intensify your gaze as much as you want.

Another Huda Beauty product leaving you with a gorgeous gaze is the beauty brand's 1 Coat WOW Mascara. The new mascara features a silicone brush to add volume and lift to your lashes to open up your eyes in one single stroke.

For the perfect flush of the cheeks reach for Charlotte Tilbury's Beach Sticks. The creamy blush sticks glide smoothly on the cheeks to leave behind a rosy glow, and the best thing is that they are smooth and creamy enough to use on the lips as well.

We love the feeling of a fresh mani but we don't always find the time every week to freshen up our nails and that's why we've become fans of Esmio. The Australian label specialises in one step gel kits, which means we can get salon-quality nails at home and which will last longer than a week.


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