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5 Skincare Saviours You Need For Younger-Looking Skin

Wrinkly hands, tired skin and dull complexions be gone with our 5 favourite skincare products that will have you glowing and looking youthful.

Infused with anti-ageing antioxidants, CurrentBody's Green Tea Serum works to reduce wrinkles and is the perfect partner when using CurrentBody's LED Mask to boost its benefits. We also love using the serum night and day after cleansing and before moisturising to make sure our skin gets that extra boost of youthful glow.

To make sure our hands stay youthful we always apply hand cream to keep them hydrated and wrinkle-free. One of our favourite creams is the Moroccanoil's Ambiance de Plage hand cream, made with argan oil, the cream keeps your hands feeling smooth and smelling like a Moroccan getaway.

We recently discovered Clinique's Moisture Surge 100H Auto-Replenshing Hydrator and we can't believe that our skincare dreams have come true. The moisturing gel-cream hydrates the skin for up to 100 hours, working its magic even after you wash your face, so you are left with glowing skin for longer.

Just like your face, your hands need to be taken care of especially if you don't want them to give away your age, and just like your face sometimes a cream isn't enough. Enter BioEffect's EGF Hand Serum. The same skincare label that brought us the magical EGF Power Serum, BioEffect has designed a serum for the hands to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation and to deeply soften the hands.

Made with alpine rose extracts, Bonpoint's Glow Revitalising Cream improves skin firmness and plumps the skin. Designed for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers in mind, the French label famous for their super cute children's clothing, has created the moisturiser to work day and night to give stressed and tired skin a healthy glow, putting back roses in rosy cheeks.


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