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5 Original Bars You Need to Visit

A pain killer, a cocktail on ice and a shot with an alien are the drinks making our wish list at some of the world's most original bars.

If you are an avid fan of the cult movie Alien you will not want to miss visiting the HR Giger Museum. Housed in a medieval chateau in the small town of Gruyère, most famous for its cheese, the museum celebrates the works of Hans Rudolf Giger, the talented artist who worked on the special effects of the movie Alien, which earned him an Academy Award for Best Achievement in Visual Effects. The highlight of visiting the museum, however, is the chance to enjoy a drink at the museum’s bar, Museum HR Higer Bar, which should win an award for being the most original museum bar or cafe. Unlike many museum bars or cafes that leans towards simplicity in décor, this bar almost serves as an extension of the museum with the space designed with extraterrestrial skeletal detailing with arching spines covering the medieval walls.

When it hits over forty degrees out in Dubai we escape the scorching heat and head straight to Chillout Ice Lounge. Designed entirely in ice, the ice bar offers icy comfort to escape the rising temperatures in the city with ice sculptures and ice furniture creating the perfect cooling haven to enjoy a drink or two, on ice of course. To make sure you don't freeze in its subzero atmosphere, the bar invites you to slip on one of its cosy coats available for its clientele to keep you toasty while nestled on your ice throne.

If clichés are to be believed, some Irish regard drinking as a religion and The Church Bar in Dublin literally brings religion to its watering hole with the bar housed in a former church. A restored 17th century church is now where locals go for a Guinness, a cocktail, and on the rare occasion, a coffee, and is an interesting spot to discover on your travels especially if you are an avid bar-hopper.

At times drinking is the best medicine and at Apotheke Cocktail Bar in New York's Chinatown each drink is mixed and prepared like a curing potion by mixologists in pharmicist-style outfits. Inspired by old European apothecaries, the bar is designed to soothe and heal the soul with creative cocktails with a menu broken up into different categories including Pain Killers, Stress Relievers and Stimulants. So what will be your medicine you'll be downing?

Have you ever wanted to have a coffee with Ross and Rachel? Now you can, well almost... Central Perk in Singapore let's you sink into the Friends couch for one of the best themed coffee dates. Although it is more of a café than a bar, Central Perk still gets on our list of original hot spots as it lets you step in one of the most recognisable coffee shops.

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