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5 Beauty Tools We Can't Live Without

Sponges, exfoliating mitts and even a mini beauty bar are only some of the beauty genies we cannot live without.

Topping up a summer tan or faking one for the cooler months? Before covering your body in your favourite tanning product, make sure your skin is buffed and smooth with Coco & Eve's Deluxe Exfoliating Mitt. The mitt gently removes dead skin cells and dry skin, stimulates blood flow to the skin and helps ensure a streak-free tan.

Foreo's cult Luna 3 is our favourite way to give our skin a deep cleanse. The silicone facial cleansing massager is our go-to for clean, smooth and soft skin, with the Luna working extra hard to deep clean our skin without any harshness. And the best part? We can use the Luna in the shower and we only need to charge it after almost every 650 uses, that is almost once every two years!

Soft skin doesn't rely only on great intense moisturisers, it is also important to gently exfoliate it to reveal new, softer skin. Whilst body scrubs are a great choice, an exfoliating body brush does wonders not only for your skin but also for your blood circulation, promoting lymph drainage. An exfoliating brush like this one from Faciology helps to eliminate dry skin and dead skin cells, and also get rid of ingrown hair and detoxify the skin.

Vegan and cruelty-free, Irén Skin's Mochi Clean konjac sponge is a hero item in our beauty routine with the sponge removing dirt, oil and make-up from our skin, and unclogging pores and getting rid of blackheads. The magic sponge can be used with just water or a cleanser, and because it is naturally an alkaline on the pH scale, it will balance out the acidity concentration of the skin, ridding the skin of any harmful bacteria.

And the beauty tool that you didn't know you needed? This Skincare Fridge from Primark. The fridge is a mini beauty bar for all your skincare that needs to be kept nice and cool to work their magic on your skin, think facial mists and cooling eye patches that help depuff your peepers.


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