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4 Fashion Swaps You Need to Make Now

We have swapped our basic basket bag and gumboots with more stylish options and we're not looking back.

My Tribe Boots are walking us into every day of the week in chic comfort. Designed with premium natural rubber, the boots are waterproof and fashionably fab, and because they are made with soft rubber, they can be worn high or folded down, creating a two-in-one boot to match the weather or your mood.

Fendi's new Fendigraphy watch is the ultimate boujee accessory of the moment with the bangle bracelet watch adorned with metal lettering spelling out Fendi with the D encasing the watch dial.

Forget cotton hoodies we're draping ourselves in cashmere with Esthème Cachemire's v-neck sweater and scarf, creating a chic colour-blocking look.

Upgrade your humble basket bag and invest in Alaïa's Khaima bag. Designed with straw and detailed with soft calfskin, the large basket bag is the accessory you need to elevate your market day look. Note to your credit card, this is what quiet luxury defines, simple designer pieces without a flashy logo but with a hefty price tag.


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