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4 Bags That We’re Carrying Everywhere Style Takes Us

From fringes to golden textures we're keeping your bag selection on point, matching fun with style when it comes to accessorising.

The Kooples are adding fun fringes to our look with this leather bag that can be held and swung or worn crossbody for a rock-style statement.

We're holding our heart close to our love of fashion with this adorable heart-shaped bag in iridescent blue from Ambush, locking our accessory in place for coolest statement bag.

Another novelty bag vying for our love of everything cute is this bonbon-shaped bag from Kate Spade, appealing to our sweettooth and soft spot for yummy treats especially when they add a pop of sweetness to our look.

For the golden ticket to fashionable accessorising we strap this textured gold bag from Svala and wear it crossbody or over our shoulder, adding metallic accents to any look.


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