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3 Treats For Your Chocolate Snack Time

Chocolate is flavouring three of our favourite treats that satisfy our sweet tooth without making us feel guilty with their calories.

Our sweet tooth is in for a treat with the new Nutella Biscuits. Golden biscuits filled with the creamy and nutty Nutella spread we love make this biscuit our favourite treat with our coffee or a quick pick-me-up snack, and at only 70 calories per biscuit we're having two.

Another favourite chocolate brand treating our tastebuds with yummy chocolate is Kinder. The brand's new Kinder Tronky is a delicate wafer biscuit filled with cream, chocolate and biscuit crumbles, creating a melange of textures ready to make your mouth water for less than 100 calories per serving.

Yo-Chi, everyone's go-to for frozen yoghurt, has created a range of Greek-style frozen yoghurt that you can now find in your local supermarket. The handy tubs come in three flavours including our favourite, chocolate.


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