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3 Restaurants in Paris Worth the Calories

When visiting Paris food is as much a cultural experience as immersing yourself in the masterpieces in the city’s world-famous museums.

Famous for its lobster rolls, Homer Lobster is turning its talent in making delicious sandwiches into an artform and spreading its expertise in fashioning the perfect roll into the world of the club sandwich. Now you can bite into a hearty club sandwich bursting with smoked salmon, avocado and tomato, sandwiched between brioche bread. The menu also includes a foodie-dream caviar club sandwich.

For a traditional taste of British cuisine while in the French capital, reserve your table at Public House where chef Calum Franklin is serving up chic comfort food. One of the culinary highlights here is the selection of pies that includes the Dauphinoise Potato and Aged Cheddar, and the Braised Beef Pie.

Forget smashed avo on sourdough or blueberry pancakes, if you want to indulge in a Sunday brunch filled with Middle Eastern aromas make sure you try the new brunch at Boubalé. The restaurant is the Grand Mazarin hotel restaurant in the Marais neighbourhood and where the menu is spilling with traditional Jewish delicacies including schnitzel, cabbage salad and cheese-filled bourekas.


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