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3 New Perfumes We Can’t Stop Spraying

It's the invisible beauty product that leaves a big impression, the perfume you wear can be your signature scent and be a sensory reminder of you for the people around you. This week we have found three perfumes that we can't get enough of and are enjoying their subtle, yet lingering, scents.

Chloé's latest perfume offering is the Nomade Jasmin Naturel Intense. Made with 100% natural ingredients, the perfume is a melange of sweet, creamy dates, pear and of course jasmine, which bring out the sweetness of the subtle vanilla note, taking you on an olfactory voyage to Egypt with its signature scent of jasmine.

Mugler's iconic perfume, Angel, has just been given a spin-off scent with the release of Angel Elixir. The new perfume plays with sweet vanilla just like the original creation but this time the perfume is sprinkled with pink pepper adding spice to the bouquet of orange blossom and ylang-ylang.

Chanel being Chanel is all about luxury and nothing is more luxurious than having a specific perfume to spritz your hair with a sophisticated scent. The French fashion house has dipped into its Coco Mademoiselle elixir and created a hair perfume, so with every toss and flick of the hair you can get a hint of the citrus and patchouli notes floating in and around your luscious locks. This is the ultimate bottle if you are a loyal fan of layering your perfume.


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