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3 Easy Steps to Wellness

How do you get glowing skin and uninterrupted beauty sleep in three easy steps? We have some valuable expert advice to share with you from Mr Vitamins to help you kick all your health and beauty goals.

Getting a good night sleep isn't as easy as simply going to bed for some, and with sleep a major factor in our overall health and our skin, it is important to learn how to improve sleep.

In our quest for great beauty sleep, Style News met with Christina Hanley, a nutritionist based in Melbourne who is fascinated by gut health. Working as a nutritionist with Mr Vitamins, the popular name in supplements, Christina was a natural choice for us to turn to for picking an expert's brain on how we can improve our sleep and skin with easy tweaks to our daily routine.

And what are are three easy steps to sweet dreams and glowing skin?

1. Add a collagen booster to your routine, like a vitamin C serum. Skincare routines don’t need to be as complex as you may think, but adding a vitamin C like this Juniper Vitamin C Night Serum has some great benefits. This serum can assist in the formation of healthy connective tissue and increases glutathione production to enhance the skin's cellular metabolism. With this in mind, cell regeneration and turnover happens during the night when we are asleep, so it's a good idea to get those zzz's for skin health. If you find that a night of interrupted sleep is at the core of your issues, the Vit Kit Sleep helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep for longer.

2. Supplement with zinc. Zinc doesn’t get enough credit for the wonders it does for our bodies, it is essential for the formation of our nails, hair and skin. So not only does this immunity-boosting mineral help in sustaining a good night of sleep, but it can also assist in overall collagen formation and the wound-healing of scarring and acne. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone! My favourite affordable zinc supplement is the Herbs of Gold Ultra Zinc +, take one daily with your dinner and allow it to work its magic.

3. Have a cup of licorice root tea before bed. I’m sure every well-being guide has something about the wonder of a good cup of tea before bed, and it’s true, a warm beverage has amazing soothing powers. I recommended licorice root tea due to its anti-inflammatory properties, which can help reduce inflamed skin conditions that bring on redness or swelling, as well as support the nervous system, thereby providing a sense of calmness to induce sleep.

When it comes to improving your valuable skin and sleep, consistency is key, so remember to prioritise yourself and add those extra minutes into your nighttime routine to ensure you glow from the inside out.


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