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3 Beauty Products We Can't Live Without

Your eyes, lips and face will be thanking you for our favourite three beauty and skincare products.

Compagnie de Provence's Make-Up Removing Cleansing Oil is a dream. While the nourishing oil is suitable for removing make-up from your face and eyes, we absolutely love it for removing eye make-up. The smooth oil melts away and removes every last trace of mascara without leaving behind the dreaded panda eye look.

With organic French apricot extract and rich in vitamin C, Krème's Exfoliant Visage Eclat brings out a glow in our skin that we simply cannot walk away from. The gentle scrub washes away the day's pollution and grime, leaving our skin feeling clean, smooth and deliciously soft.

To keep lips hydrated, Lanolips have always been a popular go-to, and now the hydrating lip balm has been dressed up in limited edition packaging designed by Australian fashion label Zimmermann. Making our lips soft and kissable, and dressed in Zimmermann? We're sold!


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