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Vegan Month Gets a DJ Makeover

To celebrate World Vegan Month, Future Farm and Soul Burger have teamed up with DJ Tigerlily and have created the delicious DJ TVNALILY vegan burger. Made with Future Farm's Future Tvna, a plant-based tuna that tastes and looks just like the real thing, the burger is wrapped in an ocean-blue bun, inspired by the DJ's signature hair. An animal rights activist, Dara Lawson, aka DJ Tigerlily, was a natural choice to become the face and inspiration of the burger. We chatted with the Australian DJ to find out more about the collab and why she became a vegan.

What interested you to help create the DJ TVNALILY Burger?

I wanted to be involved in the process of bringing the DJ TVNALILY Burger to life because it presented the opportunity to work with some epic vegan brands changing the game, Future Farm and Soul Burger. Both these brands are challenging the common misconception that vegan food is boring. The DJ TVNALILY Burger is here to prove everyone wrong, and show how versatile and fun vegan food is! I also love the campaign's initiative of helping clean up our oceans. How could you say no to a yummy and colourful burger that gives back?

How is the DJ TVNALILY Burger helping to clean up our oceans?

The burger is helping clean up our oceans in two different ways. Firstly, a percentage of the profits made from the burger will be donated to Tangaroa Blue Foundation. They are an Australia-wide not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the removal and prevention of marine debris. By choosing the DJ TVNALILY Burger over its non-vegan counterparts, you are making an environmentally-conscious decision by choosing to reduce the waste entering our oceans. How? More than 100 million pounds of plastic enters the oceans from industrial fishing gear alone. At this rate, it is predicted that by 2050, there could be more plastic than fish in the ocean.

What made you decide to become a vegan?

I initially decided to go vegan for health reasons. I was struggling with stomach issues and was ready to try anything to get better. It wasn't an instant change from being sick to being well, but month by month as I learned how to eat and filled my diet with whole foods I noticed changes in my mind and body. I've never felt better and am incredibly grateful that I'm able to eat a plant-based vegan diet. Now, the main reason I continue to stay vegan is for the animals. I can't understand why, especially when there are so many amazing options out there, that you would sacrifice the life of an animal for your meal.

How do you maintain a healthy plant-based lifestyle?

I eat lots of whole foods, which I think are really important, and I have salads, smoothies, and fruit and vegetables as snacks. In between these I love to add in foods that I love, are delicious, and remind me of old flavours/textures that I grew up with. The Future Farms TVNA is a prime example of a product that I love to include in my diet. Toasties or burgers for lunch or dinner are a great way to mix things up whilst still getting lots of great grains and vegetables into your diet. For me the most important rule is to listen to your body, your body knows what it needs and wants and it's important to remember that.

Have you tried making the burger at home?

Yes! It's not as good without the blue sparkling bun! But it was really delicious. I added lots of iceberg lettuce and pickles too. YUM!

Besides the new burger, what are some of your favourite plant-based recipes?

Some of my go-to recipes to make at home are cauliflower tacos, poke bowls with tofu and lots of veggies, and spicy vegan sausage pasta.

Do you approve of the burger representation of your personal fashion style? Do you think they have done a good job?

The burger represents my personal fashion style perfectly. It's fun and colourful, with a blue bun to match my wig. I'm not sure how they were able to create a glittery blue bun, but it's spot on!

The DJ TVNALILY Burger will be available throughout the month of November at Soul Burger, and if you are feeling like becoming a vegan chef for a day you can try out recreating the burger at home like Dara by using Future Farm's Future Tvna.


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