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Turn Your Iced Coffee into a Beauty Ritual at Café Kitsuné in Paris

Café Kitsuné has turned our boring coffee break into a delicious beauty moment with its glam collab with Aime and their collagen supplements.

Drink coffee in Paris's popular Café Kitsuné and give your skin a well needed injection of antioxidants that will turn your quick coffee break into a youthful skin routine. Café Kitsuné has teamed up with Aime, the supplement label that specialises in digestible collagen, bringing you a delicious dose of collagen and vitamin C in your morning coffee. Until July 31 the café will be serving Cascara Fizz, an iced coffee made with a splash of Aime's Collagen Glow to help plump your skin. The café has also added a lemon muffin to its menu that is also infused with collagen, turning your breakfast or afternoon break into a beauty boost break.


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